The Reason There Are So Many Movie Sequels These Days

The past few years have seen a remarkable increase in movie sequels. It seems that every time you turn around there’s a second or third movie of a franchise being made. This isn’t without good reason. Some of the highest-grossing movies in cinematic history have come from franchises. So why are there so many movie sequels these days? Here are a few reasons.

Fans are Faithful

Movie sequels build a sense of familiarity with the viewers. For example, take a movie series like Avengers. The more movies that were released, the more viewers got to explore the characters and their relationships with one another. Consider your personal viewing habits. You may use a website like putlocker to watch installments of your favorite movies over and over. Why? You’ve fallen in love with the characters.

You learn who is witty, who is loyal, and who is great at delivering a punchline. We see new characters introduced and mourn over those who pass away. Once viewers are invested in the storyline, planning a sequel is a no brainer. It brings in revenue and makes the viewers happy. It’s a win-win all around.

Less Risk, Higher Reward

Another reason why movie sequels have become so popular is because there is less risk but higher reward. A well-established fan base means that people will come back to the theaters again and again, no matter how played out the story gets. People love what they already know. It’s much more likely for viewers to choose a movie from a series that they already know and love than a new film.

Watch Sequels Anywhere, Anytime

What better place to watch all the newest movie sequels than on  With hundreds of movies to choose from, there’s something for everyone. You’ll be able to watch your favorites over and over, and maybe even check out a new movie if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Who Can You Contact If You’ve Written A Great Movie Script?

Great movie scripts made should be given to the right producers who want to make it into a film. It is best if a literary agent or a famous actor or actress can back up the submission of the script. It is always good to join either small or large film festivals. Film festivals open the door of opportunities to meet a producer.

In writing a movie script, it should be properly formatted, not filled with colour paper, or frilly ribbons. Double-check the script made before sending it to a producer. The writer should know better about the script than the writer knows itself. The story was written should strike an interest with producers. It should give them a stun when they read the story. 

Remember that the producer is all about making money. The script should strike an interest with the producer on how they can make money out of the script. As a writer learn to contain the excitement that is being felt when with a producer. Some producers are sensitive and can sense right away if people are laughing at their backs. Or even fawning over them because the super excited feeling can’t be contained.

In writing a movie script, if the writer already had script produce once. When speaking to the same producer who did the first script. The second script should be far more convincing than the first one produced. If the script is given to another producer, the writer can also mention, that a former script of their’s, was produced by another producer. One could never anticipate too much if the current producer being spoken too is also familiar or acquainted with them.

There are things that one should remember when faced with a producer. 

  • Smile always and tell something good about the films that the producer had made on the past
  • Politely ask the producer if they are looking for new scripts to be produced
  • Trust one’s instincts and be passionate with commitment in writing
  • Tell exactly what the script contains and how it can be brought to life through a producer’s hand
  • Be ready always with the business card for them to keep in touch
  • Keep on going even after the first rejection made

In case the script is given to a producer for review, and then another producer would like to take a look at it. Be polite, and tell the first producer, another producer would like to take a review at it and request permission from the first.

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Why Are There So Many Movie Streaming Services?

This is the question that can be answered in two very obvious reasons:

  • Convenience
  • Money

These movie streaming services have certainly gotten not only in the hearts of many, but in the pockets as well. If you come to think of the convenience it brings to the viewers and wealth it brings to the owners of the software, you will be mind-blown! If you think you need to know more, continue reading.


Because of the hustle and bustle of the current world, people merely have the time to watch movies in movie houses. They barely have enough time to even spare a minute and go to malls to shop or what nots, how much more if we talk about taking the time to watch a movie or so. I seriously think it is quite inconvenient most especially if movie watching has not been planned prior. Well, thanks to these movie streaming services, the face of the movie industry has changed. Due to it being very convenient with a click and tap of a finger, a lot of people opt to just download the movies they want thru these online services or stream it at their own pace. Very time efficient and user friendly, it seemed to have worked out for everyone – and when I say everyone, this means almost all social classes in the world.


Considering the fact that movie streaming and downloading have become very convenient for each person living on earth, business men and business developers have thought that it is best for them to invest in movie streaming platforms and softwares. Because of all social statuses being able to gain access to these sites almost always, this would mean more money and profit to their investment. Movie streaming is starting to become a necessity for everyone, leaving theatres or movie houses the last option due to inconvenience and hassle. Sometimes, I jokingly think that these streaming services can get to Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs in no time. Given the facts above, investing in this industry nowadays would end up making these developers and owners richer.

Joking aside, here are the most opted streaming services apart from Netflix:

  • Crackle
  • IMDb TV
  • Hoopla
  • Internet Archive
  • Kanopy
  • Plex
  • Pluto TV
  • The Roku Channel
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Apple Itunes
  • Google Play
  • Vudu
  • YouTube Movies and Shows (Now on Premium)
  • Vimeo
  • Mov.Onl

In this modern world, options will never cease. This allows every viewer to eradicate the thought of hassle in traveling just to get to movie houses and braving crowded places. These streaming services just made it so easy for everyone and they will make it really easy to be on top.

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