Michael B. Jordan Sparkles In “Just Mercy”

Just Mercy is all about how an aspiring young lawyer from Harvard was able to reverse charges on convicted death row prisoner Walter McMillan. Bryan Stevenson is the young lawyer played by Michael Jordan. It involves how the struggled in convincing the Trial Court of Alabama to acquit Walter McMillan of murder charges of the death of Ronda Morrison. 

Bryan went over the evidence presented for the case of Walter. Bryan found out that there are a lot of lapses and hinges in the case, hinges in the testimony of Ralph Myers who is also a convicted felon. Bryan, whose intention is to fight for the rights of the poor people that can’t support proper representation in court. 

Bryan approached directly prosecutor Tommy Chapman for help. But instead of helping Bryan, Chapman immediately dismissed Bryan. Then Bryan turned his attention towards the McMillan’s family friend Darnell Houston who was a witness to Myer’s testimony against McMillan. Darnell was later on arrested by the police for the case of perjury. Bryan was able to reverse the charges for perjury with Darnell but Darnell refuses to testify in court.

Stevenson had no other choice but to approach Myer’s for his testimony. Myer’s acknowledge that he made the statement against McMillan because at that time he had to make the testimony, he was threatened by the police. Myer’s was able to take-back of what he said against Walter on his testimony. But still, the judge refused to have re-trial of the murder case. Stevenson in desperation appeared in 60-minutes to make a public appeal for the request of the re-trial of the case of Walter.

The supreme court of Alabama granted the request and overturned the ruling of Prosecutor Chapman. Stevenson went to Chapman directly to request him to join in the motion to dismiss the case, but Chapman angrily asked Stevenson to get out of his property. Then during the day of re-trial, Prosecutor Chapman joined Stevenson for the motion to drop all the murder charges against Walter. The retrial and motion were made and Walter was freed of the charges of murder of Ronda Morrison.

Just Mercy is all about giving the right justice for all no matter what life status might be at the time of trial. And how to support the lesser fortunate people to have the justice they should have during trials of cases. Follow-up investigations were also made on Ronda Morrison’s case and the possibility of a white man responsible for the death.

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Which Was Better – America’s Or Britain’s Version Of “The Office?”

The Office is a comedy series that originated in the UK which tells all about everyday life in the office. With the UK Version, the main character is Michael Scarn, starred by Michael Scott. One of the most exciting and the most important episode is called Threat Level Midnight. 

With this episode, Michael turns into a hero and an NHL Champion, in trying to save the stadium from a threat of explosion. Not only that, Michael needs to save the hostages that were taken by Golden Face. Scarn is faced with the dilemma, on how to save the hostages, and the stadium full of people when the NHL Team Applications are close.

Scarn then requested the help of a mentor, Cherokee Jack, to help Michael to enter the Team through the mentor’s training. During the team trials, Golden Face Managed to distract Scarn to have another person take the win to make it to the team. In the locker room after the trials, Scarn had no choice but to kill the winner of the trials to make it to the team. Michael made it to the team. 

Before the playoff, Golden Face showed-up again and told Michael that the bomb was placed in the hockey puck. With the hostages, they were trying to choose a leader among themselves to be able to talk to Golden Face in letting them go. Michael played in the Hockey Playoffs and was able to hit the hockey puck strong enough that it reached outside the earth and bounced back to the earth going back to the golden face.

The Office Us version is not a far cry of the UK version. Steve Carell stars the character of Michael Scarns in the original British version. The attitude of the characters in the US version remains the same as that of the UK. The only differences are that it has a larger cast size than the UK. The role of the characters is what is said to be re-designed to fit the American audience. The British version reached to 7 seasons of the tv series while the US counterpart reached until season 9.

Both versions are great to watch, and it is very interesting to watch. How simple antics made by the main character and the other office characters made the shows as hilarious as it can be. This is the most-watched comedy series in both the UK and the US.

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The Most Bizarre Superman Movie Ever Is Worth Catching

Superman: Red Son, don’t miss it

Movies play a very significant role in our life. Other movies are eye opening that will wake you in the reality, some will just make you cry a lot and will make your heart fall, some are mind blowing that can disturb all of your sleeping brain cells and some are 100% recommendable to others. Movies also have different lists of genres like comedy, action, suspense, thriller, drama, romance, fiction, supernatural and many more. In this article we will talk about a very interesting favorite character of all times, Superman.

Not Just An Ordinary Movie

Superman is not just a superhero in the eyes of all children but for everyone. He is a model of strength, bravery, love, passion, kindness and also the man of everything, the man of steel. The first concept of Superman came from Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1938. It first appeared in Action comics #1 and later on appeared on television as an iconic animated short film. They had many changes in the ability of Superman. Did you know that on the first page of his life, Superman does not have the ability to fly? He can only leap through buildings. This made him so unique in those superheroes before.

Superman movies have different versions and adaptations but one noticeable Superman movie and maybe the most awaited by everyone is the Superman: Red Son. This Superman adaptation came from the comic book mini-series of DC Comics. Author Mark Millar created the comic series with one ‘what if’ in his mind, “what if Superman man had been raised in soviet Union?”. The whole story will revolve in that question making a very outstanding film.

Superman: Red Son is a very fresh movie to start your 2020. It will be casted with set actors and actresses that already made a name in the movie industry such as Jason Isaacs as Superman and Amy Acker as Lois Lane, and others. This movie caused so much amusement in their viewers. It set standards with other upcoming Superman movies, if they will be another one.

If you are still in the process of deciding what to watch, well, you don’t have to think anymore. This kind of movie will definitely make you think of how, what why, where and when. This will make you watch the same film again and again and will experience the same goose bumps you had when you first watch it.

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“The Rhythm Section”: Should Jude Law Have Stuck To Being Pope?

If you are thinking about the best way to enjoy a weekend, I could certainly not think of anything else but  a pizza, a glass of wine and The Rhythm Section. Yes, that is right. Stop wasting every second topsy-turvy-ing in your bed when you know you could make the most out of it.

Sour Graping

The Rhythm Section, after watching it just kept me in awe and tears. People who have been saying that Jude Law should have just stayed with his role as “The Young Pope” certainly do not know what elegance and perfection mean exactly. It is basically just a simple 100 out of 10. I have good taste in movies like these, and while some critics may have the ability to criticize and say that the movie is a total wreck, but I say they must not have gotten their share of empathy at birth.

What Was It About

The story depicted on many things:

  • A boy seeking vengeance for her parents’ death
  • Parents’ death portrayed as accident when it clearly wasn’t
  • Becoming an assassin was the only option

Given the facts above, can you imagine the thrill and suspense the movie actually gives out to the viewers? This is a once in a life time story that was taken from a book that probably had the best rendition ever. Jude Law was a different person in the movie and I would never say he is better at sticking than becoming a pope. He totally aced it with a rating of 100 out of 10 personally for me and for those who are experts in movie ratings.

If I were given the chance to change the movie, I would have done the same thing over and over. The plot would not be fast nor slow but everything would technically just be the same. I seriously think the story from the book was portrayed exactly how it should be and what it should be. The turns, the twists and plot per se, those were exactly done as to how it would have been if taken from the book. I do not think Jude Law should have stuck to being a pope, in fact, I am so happy he decided to take this role with so much pride and honor. This is how awesome it is for me.

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