Michael B. Jordan Sparkles In “Just Mercy”

Just Mercy is all about how an aspiring young lawyer from Harvard was able to reverse charges on convicted death row prisoner Walter McMillan. Bryan Stevenson is the young lawyer played by Michael Jordan. It involves how the struggled in convincing the Trial Court of Alabama to acquit Walter McMillan of murder charges of the death of Ronda Morrison. 

Bryan went over the evidence presented for the case of Walter. Bryan found out that there are a lot of lapses and hinges in the case, hinges in the testimony of Ralph Myers who is also a convicted felon. Bryan, whose intention is to fight for the rights of the poor people that can’t support proper representation in court. 

Bryan approached directly prosecutor Tommy Chapman for help. But instead of helping Bryan, Chapman immediately dismissed Bryan. Then Bryan turned his attention towards the McMillan’s family friend Darnell Houston who was a witness to Myer’s testimony against McMillan. Darnell was later on arrested by the police for the case of perjury. Bryan was able to reverse the charges for perjury with Darnell but Darnell refuses to testify in court.

Stevenson had no other choice but to approach Myer’s for his testimony. Myer’s acknowledge that he made the statement against McMillan because at that time he had to make the testimony, he was threatened by the police. Myer’s was able to take-back of what he said against Walter on his testimony. But still, the judge refused to have re-trial of the murder case. Stevenson in desperation appeared in 60-minutes to make a public appeal for the request of the re-trial of the case of Walter.

The supreme court of Alabama granted the request and overturned the ruling of Prosecutor Chapman. Stevenson went to Chapman directly to request him to join in the motion to dismiss the case, but Chapman angrily asked Stevenson to get out of his property. Then during the day of re-trial, Prosecutor Chapman joined Stevenson for the motion to drop all the murder charges against Walter. The retrial and motion were made and Walter was freed of the charges of murder of Ronda Morrison.

Just Mercy is all about giving the right justice for all no matter what life status might be at the time of trial. And how to support the lesser fortunate people to have the justice they should have during trials of cases. Follow-up investigations were also made on Ronda Morrison’s case and the possibility of a white man responsible for the death.

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