Which Was Better – America’s Or Britain’s Version Of “The Office?”

The Office is a comedy series that originated in the UK which tells all about everyday life in the office. With the UK Version, the main character is Michael Scarn, starred by Michael Scott. One of the most exciting and the most important episode is called Threat Level Midnight. 

With this episode, Michael turns into a hero and an NHL Champion, in trying to save the stadium from a threat of explosion. Not only that, Michael needs to save the hostages that were taken by Golden Face. Scarn is faced with the dilemma, on how to save the hostages, and the stadium full of people when the NHL Team Applications are close.

Scarn then requested the help of a mentor, Cherokee Jack, to help Michael to enter the Team through the mentor’s training. During the team trials, Golden Face Managed to distract Scarn to have another person take the win to make it to the team. In the locker room after the trials, Scarn had no choice but to kill the winner of the trials to make it to the team. Michael made it to the team. 

Before the playoff, Golden Face showed-up again and told Michael that the bomb was placed in the hockey puck. With the hostages, they were trying to choose a leader among themselves to be able to talk to Golden Face in letting them go. Michael played in the Hockey Playoffs and was able to hit the hockey puck strong enough that it reached outside the earth and bounced back to the earth going back to the golden face.

The Office Us version is not a far cry of the UK version. Steve Carell stars the character of Michael Scarns in the original British version. The attitude of the characters in the US version remains the same as that of the UK. The only differences are that it has a larger cast size than the UK. The role of the characters is what is said to be re-designed to fit the American audience. The British version reached to 7 seasons of the tv series while the US counterpart reached until season 9.

Both versions are great to watch, and it is very interesting to watch. How simple antics made by the main character and the other office characters made the shows as hilarious as it can be. This is the most-watched comedy series in both the UK and the US.

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